Ryan Gosling was on The Late Show Thursday with Russell Crowe to promote their new movie The Nice Guys. They took a brief break from the regular late night interview to talk about Gosling's dear mother. It turns out she was very much not a fan of Colbert's former comedic persona on The Colbert Report. As is the case with moms, she disliked the real Colbert because she associated him with a fake character he played on TV. But then she learned she had something in common with Colbert: they're both Lord of the Rings nerds.

That changed everything. Gosling's mom sent along an adorable mom note with a trivia question for Colbert. Guests on the show who are also LOTR fans have previously tried, and failed, to stump Colbert on trivia about the books. But this time, Colbert couldn't answer it.


Technically it would be impossible to answer that question unless he had a photographic memory. Let's call it a victory for Gosling and his mom anyway, because it was nearly two minutes of not having to hear Russell Crowe talk.

Sources: YouTube: The Late Show with Stephen Colbert