"I will stop at nothing to become mayor of Baltimore!"

Steve Love is an impressionist from Canada (that place beyond the Wall), and he's created a reel of impressions for every major character (and also every "hey that guy!" character) in Season 4. The jokes are a little juvenile, but on the other hand, we're talking about a show that puts exposition scenes in a combination bathhouse/whorehouse just because

'Game of Thrones' takes place in a land of people who claim to be part of different kingdoms and yet all get their accents from the same roulette wheel of brogues and British accents that ensures that people who grew up thousands of miles apart are just as likely to speak similarly as two kids from Fleabottom. And then there's Littlefinger, wherever the hell he's from. Seriously, where is that? It sounds like someone took Sean Connery's accent to live in the Ozarks for a few years. This is something Canadians can understand, because they go from sounding Irish to drunkenly French to politely American to all-out hockey fan insanity as you move from East to West across the country. It gets even worse when they go to Europe, because all of a sudden all the Americans are claiming their accents are Canadian, too.

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