This is actually Jon Snow's reaction to seeing a naked woman.

Jinkies! Anyone who has seen Game of Thrones knows that the only way it resembles a cartoon is the probability of seeing someone being bashed on the head with a mallet. Except in Thrones, there probably won't be any birdies circling their heads, unless it's ravens getting some grub on the way to deliver a letter. Redditor e_lasorda posted some pictures of Thrones characters replaced with the cast of Family Guy, but a trip to his website, "Tim Burton's Game of Thrones" reveals both his true identity (Eric LaSorda - really fooled us with that username), and the fact that his collection goes way beyond Family Guy. Enjoy these classics of both Saturday morning and primetime cartoons, transplanted into your favorite blood, magic, and boobs extravaganza.


There's really nothing spoiler-y here, so don't worry. Well, maybe the last picture, if you're insanely good at figuring out season-long story arcs from a single image with pretty much no context clues.

Considering Stewffrey would probably try to murder Cersei, maybe an improvement.

This feels right, although Peter Dinklage probably hits people who call him a scamp.


Peter Stark would have survived a lot longer, and uncovered a lot fewer secrets.


Shut up, Hodor.


And I would've gotten away with it, too, if I wasn't the worst person in a very bad world.


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