What are "Better Jeopardy categories?"

It must be a tough racket, slaving away in the Jeopardy! writers' room, coming up with category after category after category, day in and day out. I'd be surprised if the show's obviously hyper-intelligent writers didn't come up with some real clunkers every now and again. But I'd also expect someone else in the room to respond to that junk category with the appropriate fart noise and down-turned thumb. That's generally how writers' rooms work. 


So, how in the world did "What Women Want" end up on yesterday's show? How did somebody—like, perhaps, the one-third of the writing staff with female sex organs—not point out its weird sexist overtones.

And, lest you think this was chosen as a means of skewering an outmoded gender-identity trope, here's a few of the questions/answers from the category:

The correct response was "What is a crossword puzzle?" Because you know—ladies and their crossword puzzles! It's the only thing that takes the edge off their raging menstrual flare-ups.

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