He really lets people have a piece of his Hodor in this one.
(via BuzzFeed)

You can tell a show like Game of Thrones​ is a real phenomenon when it spontaneously inspires parodies of classic children's commercialsepic fan-made trailer remixes, and even a wave of new baby names. This latest mashup of the world of Westeros and the other fantasy-based world of modern journalism from BuzzFeed, though, is my favorite I've seen in a while. It shows off both the real drama of Game of Thrones and the real incompetence of our mass media. Here's a few of the best (spoiler-free) images from their list.

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Ned Stark doesn't want to report the weather, but a man must answer the call of duty.

Must be hard to attribute quotes when they switch names every day.

This is bullcrap. Varys would never have let Edward Snowden steal his secrets.


Make sure to check out the rest over on BuzzFeed; there's a lot more.

Sources: BuzzFeed