When it's time to interview Donald Trump, Jimmy Fallon does not stray from his fun-loving, yuck-it-up persona. Instead of spending the entire visit grilling the candidate about any number of his racist moments, Fallon tousled his hair.


"The next time I see you, you could be the president of the United States," said Fallon, without his head exploding at the prospect. "I wanted to know if there's something we can do…"

"LIKE WHAT?!" croaked Trump.

"Can I mess your hair up?"

"Do I seem human yet?"

Those in the Twitter peanut gallery were outraged, despite the fact that this is Jimmy Fallon, a generally apolitical comedian who, like Cyndi Lauper before him, just wants to have fun. What do you expect? He's not Jon Stewart. He's not even Cosmopolitan.