Jimmy Kimmel and his "lie witness news" team hit the streets to ask people what they thought of Hillary Clinton's debate performance before it even aired. We get to see people lie their way through questions about how and where they watched the debate, and hear their specific fabricated reactions to Hillary's answers, even though the debate hasn't happened yet. These sorts of street stunts are a staple of Kimmel, whether it's having undercover Miley Cyrus ask people about herself, or having kids explain same-sex marriage. Here are real people's thoughts on a debate that hasn't happened yet. Remember, these are actual citizens that could be on a jury or pull a voting lever one day:

These people are so good at lying their way through a series of questions, they should become politicians themselves. They even fielded questions about their friends' reactions to the debate, and perhaps the best one of all, a response to Hillary calling Bernie Sanders an old man:

Well, you know, what's good for the goose is good for the gander. And I think Hillary was trying to get away with a few jabs of her own. And so I think that was fair play.


These people are really, really committed to lying. They're almost as committed as the guy who faked a kidnapping to avoid his girlfriend, or actor Steve Rannazzisi claiming to be at the 9/11 attacks. But who knows, if they're as good as Brian Williams, they might even be able to make a comeback.

Sources: Jimmy Kimmel Live