Usually Jimmy Kimmel has celebrities on his show to read mean tweets written about them, but on Tuesday night, it was Kimmel's turn to face the judgmental comments. Earlier this week, Kimmel made a hilarious video assuring idiots everywhere that climate change is, in fact, a very real threat. However, not even cold hard facts, NASA, or 97% of scientists could convince these people that global warming is not just some big prank. Here's the original segment:

These "climate change deniers," fronted by national laughingstock Sarah Palin, let Kimmel know what they thought of the segment on Facebook and YouTube. As you can see, their arguments are as thin as our ozone layer is becoming:


It would be dumb to assume that the same people who believe they know better than NASA would question if they should call out a comedian with a television show, but hopefully they know better now that their ignorance was broadcast to millions.