Jimmy Kimmel Live asked kids on the street to explain adultery. They were strangely confident about their answers.

If there's one show on TV that's really nailed the "what do kids think" beat, it's Jimmy Kimmel Live. Any time a viral news story breaks, the show sends a reporter out into the streets to get the kids' take. Previously, a correspondent asked kids to explain gay marriage, and they did a surprisingly good job. This time, the kids were asked to explain adultery, in light of the recent hack of cheating website Ashley Madison. They didn't have as firm a grasp on it, probably because they don't know what sex is, but they answered confidently all the same.


Watching this video, there's only one reasonable conclusion: the Ashley Madison hack needed to happen. Not only is it a sleazy company with sleazy tactics, but it allows kids like these to live in the dark as to the sordid shenanigans their parents are getting up to. It's time for the wool to be pulled off their eyes. I'm not saying little kids need to learn about sex, they just need to learn that their parents are cheating. They've been sheltered long enough.

Sources: Jimmy Kimmel Live