Prepare to feel both better and worse about your terrible credit rating. John Oliver's latest takedown explores the frequency with which credit reports come loaded with errors and the lack of accountability for companies who provide credit ratings. That three-digit number preventing you from receiving a bank loan or renting an apartment may be inaccurate, which is great until you find out it's because the leading credit companies think you're dead, as one woman struggled to prove she wasn't in this edition of Last Week Tonight.

Beware if you have a similar-sounding name to someone in debt, because companies like Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion might attribute their debt to you, as Judy Thomas and Judith Kendall' found out.

In typical Oliverian fashion, Last Week Tonight hit back at those credit companies in the same way they've screwed over customers like Judy and Judith. The results are three evil new companies with familiar names.


If you need a shelter animal to lick peanut butter off your genitals and then promptly be sent back to the shelter, check out Oliver's Equifacks. Looking for someone to whisper passages from Mein Kampf into your baby's ear? Experianne's got your back. Or if you're just craving a bit of orca meat from SeaWorld, TramsOnion's there for you.

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