Current animal sanctuary worker and former Daily Show host Jon Stewart returned to his old stomping ground Monday night. It was an exciting surprise, but the reason he came back wasn't—he's raising awareness of the fact that Congress is refusing to renew the 2011 Zadroga Act, which provides healthcare to 9/11 First Responders who contracted cancers and pulmonary diseases from their experiences at Ground Zero. It's truly baffling that the government would let this bill expire, unless their plan all along was to force Jon Stewart to come back to public life so he could fight for it.

Stewart returned to the Daily Show desk, presenting a field correspondent piece of himself in Washington with first responders, going door-to-door in the Senate building to shame the heartless jerks who turned their backs on heroes.


Stewart implored the audience to help "end the f*ckery" by telling their representatives to renew the Zadroga Act, and to keep the issue on the forefront with the hashtag #WorstResponders.

Stewart discussed this issue back when he was the host, presenting a panel with four first responders back in 2010. Sadly, only one was able to return to the show Monday night, because the others are either too sick or have passed away.

Sources: The Daily Show with Trevor Noah