Comedian and actress Kate McKinnon has impersonated Ellen DeGeneres on Saturday Night Live, but fans got to see how well her impression held up when she went on Ellen's TV show on Wednesday to talk about the Ghostbusters reboot and interrupted the host's monologue—as the host.

Before McKinnon came onstage, Ellen (the real one) told the audience that McKinnon was a guest on the show by describing her: "I love her so much. She impersonates me on Saturday Night Live, she's beautiful, she's charming, she's smart, she's hilarious, she's me, is what she is."

They're Ellen...and they dance!

Wearing the same outfit as Ellen, and with a short, spiky wig, it's a little hard to tell them apart. Especially since part of McKinnon's mostly-spot-on-but-slightly-exaggerated impression involves saying "I'm Ellen" every few sentences, just in case anyone was wondering.


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