So the beef bone broth popsicle is a real thing, and guest Jim Parsons (of Big Bang Theory) and Kelly Ripa both tried one on Live with Kelly. Welcome to the summer of bone broth popsicles.


Well, "summer of" may be overstating it. The popsicle, which is made by NYC restaurant Springbone and costs four dollars, doesn't seem to be a hit with everyone. For example, Jim Parsons didn't seem too into it, and the kid they brought up from the studio audience, Francesco, is clearly not a fan.

The first word that comes to his head is "raw meat." Mmmmm, sounds super refreshing!

Nothing cools down a summer day like a popsicle made of meat. #gamefuckingover

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According to Kelly Ripa and the NY Post, besides one-third of a cup of beef bone broth, the popsicles also contain raspberry puree, maple sugar, coconut milk, and pomegranate juice. Jordan Feldman, the founder of Springbone, described the meat-sicle as "a little bit sweet," but claims you can't taste the meat.