First, Gretchen Carlson accused Fox News' Roger Ailes of sexual harassment, and then six more (as yet unnamed) women followed suit. Now, another woman has come forward with her own accusations of Ailes, and it was the one woman everyone was wondering about—Megyn Kelly. Kelly reportedly told investigators that Roger Ailes came on to her at Fox about 10 years ago.

This last bit of news might be the impetus behind Rupert Murdoch and sons James and Lachlan's rush to get Ailes out of the company. Kelly is especially important to Fox ever since her very public squabble with Donald Trump put her in the public eye as a "feminist icon." And with Bill O'Reilly possibly considering retirement, Fox feels she's crucial to the network's future.

Megyn Kelly held back while others were praising Roger Ailes. Some people wondered why.

Sources have told New York Magazine that on Monday afternoon, 21st Century Fox's lawyers gave Ailes until August 1 to either resign or be fired. They're still waiting to hear back from Ailes' legal team on the matter. Apparently Ailes has also looked to Donald Trump for strategy advice, so good luck with that.

Until now, Ailes has focused on maligning Kelly in the press. The sources told New York that Ailes' spokesperson Irena Briganti has been smearing Kelly to reporters—saying that her silence while other correspondents (including roughly 12 women) came forward to defend Ailes shows that she's "selfish," and unwilling to standing for someone who gave her her career "opportunities."