Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher may be celebrities, but their adorable love story has all the beats of a hometown love story. The two were friends as teens, stayed in touch through their twenties via AOL Instant Messenger, acknowledged their mutual hotness to become "friendz with benz," which ultimately tumbled into being married with kids. Kunis went on The Late Show with James Corden and filled in this timeless tale with the Hollywood specifics that make this love story uniquely theirs: homework on set, rekindling the flame at an award show, and not learning the lessons of their own movies.

The two ultimately took it "from the friend zone to the end zone," with a daughter and a pregnancy to prove it. Allow this happy ending to fuel your favorite TV-couple fan fiction, even if it took Jackie and Kelso/Mila and Ashton years to come true.

They have eight seasons worth of home videos to show their kids.