Snow gathers, and now our watch for presents begins.
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In case it was not clear from the title, there are spoilers in this tree for HBO's Game of Thrones. Specifically, death spoilers. Whether you're an avid watcher of Game of Thrones and reader of our Facebook recaps for every episode, or you've seen the famous photo of someone who had marked all the deaths in George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire book series (upon which the show is based), or you just heard about it once, you know that people die in the show. A lot. Whether or not audiences loved them.


Once the ultimate spoiler, "Red Wedding" is now just a term for a blowout defeat. (via)

One redditor decided to pay tribute to the characters we've lost along the way by incorporating them into this year's Christmas tree. Each character's final moment brings a range of emotions. Sure, some of them were heartbreaking, but some of them bring you the kind of joy you haven't felt since you were a kid waking up at 6am to see what Santa brought.

Renly, Joffrey and Oberyn needed to learn the true lesson of Xmas and GoT: humility. (via)

Although some commenters argued that gold-crowned Viserys would have made a better tree topper, you can't argue that literally and metaphorically, Ned's head hangs over every other character death in the show.

One does not simply walk out of King's Landing. (via)

Some people found the entire display a bit macabre. But Christmas is kind of George R.R. Martin-y in a way, if you think about it: here we all are celebrating the birth of Baby Jesus, knowing full well that he will grow up to get nailed to planks by the same people he was sent to save. That is some straight-outta-Kings-Landing stuff right there.

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