With the ability to Photoshop comes Photoshop hubris, and hubris, as you remember from your high school class on Greek dramas, is a tragic flaw. See, for instance, Lindsay Lohan's physics-defying butt, Khloé Kardashian's wavy doorframe, and Kim Kardashian's completely unnecessary ponytail "fix"—modern day Icaruses, all. But none of these mistakes come close to the one made by a group of professionals to promote the basic cable tween soap Pretty Little Liars.

Tick, Tock, it's here. Check out the new #PLL poster! #SaveHanna

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Can you spot it? Here's a clue:


Where is blonde lady's leg?


Also, in case you're wondering, the actress, Sasha Pieterse, has two legs in real life, as does her character, Alison DiLaurentis. Just not when someone's using the power of Photoshop to remove all flaws, including disgusting, semi-necessary appendages.