A new late night show premiered last night, Full Frontal with Samantha BeeHosted by the venerated Daily Show alum, notably the only human woman in the genre, Samantha Bee kicks off "during an election year, thank you sweet baby Jesus."

She took full advantage last night, journeying to New Hampshire to ask "Jeb?" before taking on Mitch Holmes. She savaged the Kansas State Senator for taking time that should have been committed to solving real problems in the "broke-ass state" to instead make sure dudes don't get distracted by skinny jeans. 

Bee asks all the right questions—"How can senators balance a budget when all the blood is rushing from their heads to their engorged ding dongs?" and made all the right declarations about Holmes: "basically an entire legislative career spent controlling women and celebrating the groups that exclude them." Her fake-vomiting game is particularly on point.


After her first episode it might be too early to say... but this is the latest lady Late Night host we've been waiting for.