On the TV show Seinfeld, no one ever hangs out at Kramer's place, or George's place, or Elaine's—it's always Jerry's apartment or Monk's Café. Setting aside the weirdness of constantly eating at the same diner while living in the best city for food in America, why Jerry's? Reddit user hotdoggystyle has an answer.

In real life, most people in New York City never see their friends' apartments, because New York City apartments are tiny and gross.

He writes:

As a somewhat successful comedian, Jerry is constantly on the road touring, appearing on various late night talk shows, and is more than likely out of town for weeks at a time. His closest friends know his schedule, so when he's in town they know exactly where to find him and don't mind popping in because they haven't seen him for some time.

This explains why they all seem to have relationships with a different person each week, why they're all constantly having to catch up with each other to discuss their various personal issues, and why everyone is always going out of their way to visit Jerry at his apartment.

So there are gaps of several weeks between each episode. George must have been engaged to Susan for years before she was killed off. (Spoiler alert for a 20-year-old show!) 

Sources: h/t Huffington Post