For the first time since the election, Alec Baldwin returned to SNL last night as the President-elect, Donald Trump. The sketch takes us to Trump National Golf Club to see exactly how Trump is feeling now that he's in charge of the country, which we learn is: not so good.


Riffing on recent news that Trump has recently said he is considering keeping major components of Obama's Affordable Care Act, the sketch considers why Trump would be making decisions that seem against what his platform stood for. The answer they come up with is that he has no plans of his own.

The anxiety Trump feels over being tasked with a job he probably never wanted in the first place causes him to go back on other promises he made to his voters, including deporting millions of undocumented immigrants, and appointing a special prosecutor to put Hillary Clinton in jail.


When left alone at his desk, Trump decides he needs to start somewhere, and that starting place is figuring out so, what is ISIS exactly? by asking everyone's go-to trusted source for panic-induced research, Siri.

The sketch manages to find some levity in the scary situation with which the country is faced: the aftermath of electing president with no prior political experience. By tapping into the psyche of a man whose faux-confidence seems to reek of deep-seated insecurity, the SNL writers deflate Trump into a clueless kid who just got the keys to an expensive car but hasn't ever taken driver's ed. We see him flip-flop, second-guess himself, and confirm with future VP Mike Pence that Pence will basically be doing everything.

Possibly the best part of the entire sketch is seeing how Kellyanne Conway, Trump's campaign manager played by Kate McKinnon, feels about Trump winning the election, which is: horribly, horribly guilty.

Watch the video here:

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