Saturday night's episode of SNL struggled to find roles in which the ridiculously charming British actor Benedict Cumberbatch (currently promoting Doctor Strange) could really shine, but the fake (but totally plausible) game show, Why Is Benedict Cumberbatch Hot? gave him a chance to shine (in his sweet, self-deprecating way). In the sketch, host Beck Bennett asks co-star contestants Vanessa Bayer, Aidy Bryant, and Cumberbatch himself why everyone is so taken with this undeniably weird looking English dude, explaining, "Every girl on the cast has been so horny for this dude all week. So as a guy, I’m just kind of trying to figure that out."

The answers included some pretty funny facial expressions from Bryant and Cumberbatch's own admission that he really has no idea, since he thinks he looks like Sid the Sloth from Ice Age. But, as he points out, it doesn't really matter what people think of his looks, since Glamour named him one of the sexiest men alive.