He takes filth off the streets, and brings it back to the sheets.

Long before Too Many Cooks brought the sitcom theme song back to the forefront of absurdist comedy, YouTuber dotflist was creating bizarre (but completely earnest) new versions of well-known TV title tunes. Dotflist has crafted over 70 re-imagined title songs, from the ubiquitous Friends song to classics like The Cosby Show, and even songs that were originally famous for being wordless, like Seinfeld. Each one sounds perfect while making less than no sense whatsoever.


The new versions still sound like old-school theme songs...but weird...and wrong... for instance, this Are You Afraid Of The Dark? song, which instead of being a horror show for kids is, well, very sultry.

Or, this Simpsons intro that re-imagines the series as being about Bart & Marge's marriage and their struggles with alcoholism.

Oftentimes, it's just a straight-forward and accurate description of the show followed by the title:

A bunch of twentysomethings living in New York / They won't leave for no reason / They work shitty jobs, do coke all the time / mom and dad would be so mad / They say funny things, fucking funny things / witty banter is so good / it's called Girls!"

Other times, it's the saddest story you've ever read, like the lyrics for Home Improvement:

Home Improvement / Al is spying on you / He's on a ladder, watching you brood / Film a TV show to hide from your wife / Making love to her has never felt right.

Kids in juvie 'cause they keep stealing cars / No one likes you the way that you are / You wake every morning, Tim, and try to forget/ If this continues, you'll drink yourself to death.

Home Improvement, and that's how they pay the rent.
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