The Biggest Loser is on quite the losing streak. Last week, a former contestant sued the show for ruining her health, underfeeding, and overworking her and her fellow contestants. The weight-loss reality sensation is now under investigation for handing out illegal and prescription drugs on set, which, yes, could explain the show's drastic "transformations."


Now, the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department has confirmed that they've opened an investigation into illegal drug use on the show, which former contestants have recently begun to speak up about.

“People would take amphetamines, water pills, diuretics, and throw up in the bathroom,” a season two contestant, Suzanne Mendonca, told the New York Post. “They would take their spin bikes into the steam room to work up a sweat. I vomited every single day. Bob Harper tells people to throw up: ‘Good,’ he says. ‘You’ll lose more calories.’ ”

He laughs like the supervillain he is.