2015's first and only African-American late-night host looks back at a year that could have really used one.

After a year of anticipation, Larry Wilmore (formerly the The Daily Show's Senior Black Correspondent) has finally taken over Stephen Colbert's desk and time slot with The Nightly Show. As the only African-American host currently on late night TV, expectations have been high for Wilmore to bring a new outlook on the news, especially regarding race relations. Wilmore wasted no time, immediately noting that maybe his show should have started a year ago, given what a huge year 2014 turned out to be for protests of police behavior in minority communities. If 2015 doesn't end up being vastly cheerier, there are going to be a lot of people listening to however Wilmore reacts. But hey, at least he'll be able to give Sharpton a much-needed break.

While the opening segment is immediately recognizable to anyone who has seen The Daily Show or The Colbert Report, the rest of the show was given over to a panel on "The State of the Black Protest" with Sen. Cory Booker, musician Talib Kweli, writer and model Shenaz Treasury, and comedian Bill Burr.

You can watch the the full episode online, although it won't have the first handoff between Jon Stewart and Larry Wilmore at the end of The Daily Show:


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