"Fire And Dough" (via reddit)

Look, I'm not a guy who wakes up and says "I'm going to write about cookies today." I write about tough-guy things, like herds of ducks crossing the road.

But I can't ignore how totally kick-ass these cookies baked by a redditor's sister are. If you aren't familiar, these are the House sigils and Words of the major families in Game of Thrones. Here's a list of which signs belong to which House, in case you're not a huge nerd:

(From left to right, top row first)

1. Gold lion on a red field, "Hear Me Roar": The Lannisters. As Maester Luwin tells Bran Stark way back in Season 1, "A Lannister always pays his debts" is actually just a catchphrase, not their Words.

2. Spear through a sun on gold field, "Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken": House Martell, the family of the late, great Prince Oberyn. Also, their capital is called Sunspear. Their Words come from the fact that they're the only one of the Seven Kingdoms that resisted the dragons way back when.

4. Fish over a river, "Family, Duty, Honor": House Tully, Catelyn Stark and Lysa Arryn's family, also the Blackfish and Catelyn's piss-poor archer of a brother, Edmure.

5. Golden rose on a green field, "Growing Strong": House Tyrell, rulers of Highgarden (hence the growing). Famous Tyrells include two-time almost-Queen Margaery and the badass matriarch, Lady Olenna.

6. Dire wolf on a white field, "Winter Is Coming": House Stark, descended from the First Men and prone to making decisions based on honor and morality (not a good idea). Currently living Starks include Arya, Sansa, and their bastard brother Jon Snow.

7. Three-headed red dragon on black field "Fire And Blood": House Targaryen, currently consisting only of Daenerys Stormborn (and Maester Aemon at the Wall, although he's forsaken his last name). They're part dragon, you see.

8. The 'Game of Thrones' logo. Duh.

9. Kraken on black field "We Do Not Sow": House Greyjoy. They are Vikings on steroids, and subsist only on what they steal. Theon/Reek and Asha are pretty much the only ones left.

10. Bear on green field "Here We Stand": House Mormont. They live on Bear Island. There are Mormonts left there, but they don't really get mentioned in the show. Ser Jorah Mormont, the guy in Daenery's permanent friendzone, is the most well-known, but Jeor Mormont was pretty good as Lord Commander of the Night's Watch.

11. Stag on golden field, "Ours Is The Fury": House Baratheon. Robert Baratheon overthrew the Targaryens before becoming a not-good king. His brother Stannis Baratheon might be a better king, if he can get past annoying the living daylights out of everyone who talks to him.

12. Bird & crescent moon on a blue field "As High As Honor": House Arryn. They live in a castle called the Eyrie (which is what one calls eagles' nests) way up in the mountains. After the deaths of Lysa Arryn and her husband Jon, the last Arryn is the appropriately bird-named Robin Arryn, who is probably crazy.

(by Johnny McNulty)