This is in another language and it devolves into violence, and I can still tell
it has a higher level of debate than American cable.


Forget Between Two Ferns, the new hot show for viral political videos is Between Opposing Opinions—a debate program on Jordan's Channel 7 Stars. Jordan is a constitutional monarchy and considered one of the most democratic and free nations in the Middle East. So free, in fact, that it appears debate on current events is a no-holds barred event. Granted, they're discussing the civil war in neighboring Syria, but it's actually pretty refreshing to see people shouting on TV for reasons other than wanting to establish themselves as a professional shouter-on-TV. 

On the right side of the screen, we have Shaker Al-Johari; in the left corner, we have Mohammed Al-Jayousi. Al-Jayousi began the fight by accusing Al-Johari of being a "deviant" because he was favorable towards the Syrian revolution. Shaker Al-Johari struck back hard, accusing Al-Jayousi of taking cash from the Assad regime in exchange for his support, prompting Mohammed Al-Jayousi to deliver a crushing "shut up!" right to Al-Johari's face. Not about to take that sitting down, Al-Johari stood up and tried to impale his opponent with the desk. They wrestled back and forth, clocked the host in the face with his own desktop, and finally security dragged Al-Johari back after he landed a few shin-kicks under the desk.

Apparently, neither man will receive any sort of punishment. If anything, they may be getting a deal with Fox News soon.

Sources: SHEMSFM Tunisie