Ugly Naked Guy was one of the most famous characters to appear on Friends, even though he only appeared in two episodes and never showed his face.

"This is how god intended it."

In fact, the actor who played UNG was never credited at all. ​Todd Van Lulling, a staff writer at the Huffington Post, became obsessed with finding out who was cast in that role.

The process took over a year. Anyone else would have given up, considering how bleak the search became. These are the methods Van Luling went through to find out who Ugly Naked Guy was:

- Spoke with "Friends" casting director Leslie Litt. Nothing.

- Spoke with the casting agency Central Casting. Nothing.

- Spoke with one of the series creators, David Crane. When asked if he knew who UNG was, his response was, “Oh no, I don’t. I absolutely don’t.”

- Almost asked David Schwimmer (the only actor to appear with UNG) if he remembered who the actor was, but chickened out twice.

Sources: Huffington Post