"I may fall, but a thousand will take my place!"

Most people of a certain age can, if you ask them to, whistle the tune to the theme song of the game Super Mario World, the classic 16-bit game that came standard with the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and introduced the world to Yoshi.* It's a bit peppier than the 8-bit Mario Bros. theme, a bit happier even. Until, that is, you hear this version from Animation Domination High-Def by show writer and voice actress Heather Anne Campbell for a new ADHD feature, "Songs You Didn't Know Had Lyrics."

Do you think the Yoshis teach the song to their young ones before they are called off to serve for Mario, or does each Yoshi sing it instinctively before being abandoned? If you enjoyed having this childhood memory destroyed, feel free to let ADHD spoil DuckTalesBatmanAmericaSanta Claus, or cats. Actually, the cat one is kinda sweet.

(by Johnny McNulty)

*You know, the famous frog-tongued dinosaur who is theorized to be of an asexual egg-laying species (T. Yoshisaur Munchakoopas) who nonetheless is romantically connected in later games to Birdo, the female monster from Mario Bros. 2, which wasn't even supposed to be a Mario game but we have no time to get into that here.


Sources: Heather Anne Campbell | Animation Domination High-Def