If this is an April Fool's joke... I really can't be held accountable for what I do.


You may think you have a lot of questions after watching this video, but let me assure you that you don't. You don't have any questions, because there is nothing else you need to know. Goat Simulator is happening, and you want it. It's going to be released to Steam on April 1st, which has a lot of people terrified that this is a joke. The cruelest joke of all time.

"But Johnny," you say, "why would I want a Goat Simula—" Shut up. Just shut up and experience something good for once in your life without your usual cynicism. Goat Simulator is the one pure thing in this cesspool of a world.

This is only a slightly exaggerated version of what goats are like. Somewhere in the past, goats used evolution's cheat code, and now they're practically invincible, bizarrely agile, and they consume so much food (of any variety) that they have replaced immigrants in some parts of the country for landscaping purposes. They're also good eatin' and milkin', but that's besides the point here. They are also, when they want to be, gigantic assholes. Check out these videos to experience the wide range of goat amazingness:

As you can see, the Goat Simulator is actually pretty accurate.

Since there's no sound, just imagine the sound a saw makes when you wobble it.

Yeah, so, this. Except the goat gets an axe this time.

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