The whole thing was just so you could find a note telling you not to waste time on video games.

Honest Video Game Box Art is a Facebook community founded by a gamer named Qualbert, dedicated to redesigning video game covers to more accurately depict what the game is like and also what it does to the person who plays it. Honest Video Game Box Art has only been a Facebook community for a few weeks, but it's already exploding into a thriving scene that's made the blog rounds more than once. It's not hard to see why—anyone who grew up on video games has far more complex memories of these products than just their titles. For example, when people say "Goldeneye for Nintendo 64," what I actually hear is "Proximity Mine Bingo" (or "Big Heads And Karate Chops").

Here are some of the best examples of honest box art from Qualbert and from members of the Honest Video Game Box Art community.

I can't be friends with someone who takes that long to inflate a giant Bowser head balloon.

This pretty much applies to Mass Effect and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic as well.

The ultimate classic that only takes 10 minutes to play, if done right.

Maybe GTA V's Trevor Philips is his degenerate great-great grandson.

The Quest To Figure Out Who The Hell This Game Is Named After

There were many cheat codes from the 8-bit era. Only one would survive.

The most graphically extravagant radio play ever produced.

I believe that's actually "Goddamn It 2."

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(by Johnny McNulty)

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