The proud owner of a $750 color printout.

A 19-year-old father in England was burned for $750 trying to buy what he thought was an Xbox One console, but instead was just a picture of one, which it turns out is considerably less valuable and not much fun to play with.


The father, Peter Clatworthy, says he was buying the special edition Xbox One Day One console for his 4 year old son, but fails to mention why a 4-year-old would not only need the latest in gaming technology, but a limited edtion console that could be obsolete before the kid masters the alphabet.

But get this - Dad is a gamer too! He's also surely aware that the Internet community loves a good story. And "Teen Dad with questionable priorities gets ripped off buying an Xbox for himself" wouldn't play nearly as well as a story about a heartbroken toddler.

The big takeaway from this is that scamming people on ebay is way easier than I would've ever imagined. The idea that you could put a picture of an item up for sale, even marking the item specifically as a "photo," and people will still somehow pay you hundreds of dollars for it is stunning.

If I accidentally paid $750 dollars for a picture of a game console after the seller warned me it wasn't actually a game console, not only would I not post my face on the Internet, I'd quit gaming for good to focus more of my time on learning basic survival skills like how to not get ripped off on the Internet.

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