This arcade takes pennies, not quarters.

Those of you who had graphing calculators in high school or Nokia phones in the early 2000s will probably remember Snake. It's a classic arcade game that is as addictive as it is inaccurate to the challenges of being a snake. There's no definitive version of the game, but if there's one that's likely to stand out, it's this. Several public fountains in Granary Square, London, have been outfitted with an interactive Snake game played with jets of water that you can control with your smartphone.


Watching this video, it actually seems less fun than a traditional game of Snake. The challenge of looking across the fountain, coupled with the unnecessary motion controls, seem like they make it much harder than the version I used to play on my TI-82 during geometry class. This is probably intentional. On a summer day when the park is full of kids, nobody wants some grown-up Snake whiz hogging the fountain for hours at a time. Better to keep it moving.

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