Set your parents to "slightly less stunned by technology."

6. George Takei explains technology as if you were a 5-year-old 50-year-old. Technology is scary and new and confusing for the old folks, but there's still one source of tech wisdom that all Boomers can trust: retired actors from the original Star Trek TV show. That's why George Takei (who can't really be described as retired because he's doing something constantly) started "Takei's Take," to make new developments in gadgetry and computers accessible to people who thought handheld communicators (cell phones) were incredibly futuristic.

The North Koreans love manners. That's why they send nice notes before missile tests.

5. "Codefellas." "Codefellas" is a 12-episode animated series that takes a hilarious look at the people who are listening to your phone calls and reading your emails while just barely saving the world. It stars John Hodgman as an irrelevant spy from the Cold War era, and Emily Heller as the hacker who's teaching him how to decode emoticons, and was created by Get Your War On's David Rees. This is the webseries that says you're absolutely right to be paranoid. The people reading your emails are just as inept as the people who sent them to you.

That Surinam toad made me feel a lot better about my clogged pores.

4. True Facts about Frogs. They're facts, they're true, they're horrifying, they're hilarious. True Facts. Check out more True Facts videos here.

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