Personally, we were hoping for Scumbag Alison Brie.

Between Mad Men and Community, Alison Brie is already part of two of the most popular juggernauts on Twitter and Facebook, and when you add to that her own personal fans and following, she's practically half-Internet already. Like "Freakazoid," but winningly nice and not blue. If you don't know what Freakazoid was, congratulations, you're on the Internet and you can look it up. If you don't know what these memes that Alison Brie is impersonating, congratulations on this being your first time ever on the Internet. If you don't know who Alison Brie is, we hope your local library has a DVD... er, probably VHS of one of her shows.

p.s. - Here's a follow-up video of Alison trying to make unsexy .gifs to combat the suggestive ones the Internet has made of her.


Sorry, Alison, your unsexy props are no match for the web's filthy imagination.

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