How was this not blindingly obvious the whole time? It makes so much sense!

They unveiled it all at 10AM this morning at the Fiztroy Gallery in New York City. @Horse_Ebooks is, to the dismay of everyone who ever believed in something, a real live person, and not a deligtfully insane spambot that (as I understood it) was mixing up phrases from a resource know...ebooks. 


The kind of delightful @Horse_ebooks tweet that I hate now that I know it's not gibberish.

On YouTube, a similar tragedy befell the rapt onlookers of Pronunciation Book, a channel that once upon a time offered amusingly dry explanations of how to pronounce English words like "Ke$ha." That's not what's interesting about Pronunciation Book, of course—the interesting part was when it went haywire two and a half months ago and started a mysterious, inexplicable 77-day countdown.

Many thought it was a marketing ploy, a lot of people thought it was for a new Battlestar Galactica spinoff, and others assumed it was for an alternate reality game. Specifically, I said it was for an alternate reality game. Sure, so did many others, mostly before I did. But I chose to agree with them instead of the Daily Dot, which went all-in on the Battlestar bet. (It's cool, at least they went for it. Also, they led me to this gigantic, rambling, insane Google Doc put together by people trying to solve this.)

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