Anyone who's had to explain why their cat actually is fun (no, really!) will understand.


Thanks to the magic of dating and eventually marrying someone who has a cat, I now have a cat. Cats are great for many reasons. First of all, they allow you to argue that since your partner has a cat, you should be allowed to get a dog. Right off the bat, that makes cats pretty great. But they're not all Maru great, Grumpy Cat great, or even Lil' Bub great. (Sorry, Lil' Bub. I'm a Maru man.) In fact, very few of them are even close.

For most cats, the "reason" that you actually enjoy them is often hard to put into words. I mean, they play...sometimes, briefly, once in a while. And they play so athletically! Leaping into the air, and chasing little feathery things on strings! Except for when they play by moving nothing except their claws while they roll around on their fat backs. Which is usually. They love to cuddle, by which I mean your head will often times be in the spot on the pillow that they wanted. And they do quirky things like murder critters and leave them in public. Or eat their poo. Or chew your face off after you die.

Not like my cat, of course. My cat, Big, is awesome. He's really fat and you can use him as a pillow. Not that that makes a good video.

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