A new study from the University of Waterloo in Canada suggests that people who post inspirational quotes on Facebook are, well, uh, kinda stupid. More specifically, the study found "a link between low intelligence and being impressed by seemingly profound quotes." Their method for discovering this? Trolling.

This guy def shares inspirational quotes on Facebook.

The researchers took a bunch of quotes from www.sebpearce.com, a website that generates "random statements meant to sound profound." It'll give you stupid stuff like this:

They presented study participants with these b/s quotes alongside regular quotes, and asked them to rate their profundity on a scale of one to five. Here's what researchers found out:

Those who were unable to detect the bullshit and rated the pseudo-profound as actually profound were determined to be lower in intelligence, less likely to engage in reflective thinking, and more likely to hold conspiratorial or paranormal beliefs.

Sources: Vice | SJDM