Funny because it's 2 years from being true.

Remember laughing at the insane Ow My Balls scene from the underrated classic Idiocracy from 2006? Ow My Balls was a reality show existing 500 years in the future that was just scene after scene of one guy getting his balls crushed like grapes. What made it so funny was that, as insane as the idea was, you could imagine it being a reality some time the future. But more than six years in the future, which is when a guy got a standing ovation for basically stealing that idea on America's Got Talent.

That's what makes this Netflix browsing video from the Onion News Network so funny. Forget six years from now, there are probably enough stoners and idiots willing to part with five bucks for "Just Browse" privileges that this could be a reality tomorrow.


(by Jonathan Corbett)

Sources: Youtube