Which is interesting, because cats are indifferent about everything except Mondays.

If you spend too much time on the Internet like we do, you''ve realized that the Internet usually comes to a consensus on most things: Gangnam Style is awesome (even though we agree it's annoying), cute is more valuable than gold, and Lindsay Lohan used to be really fun to mock but now she's just one or two DUIs from being too sad to watch anymore. Now, thanks to WhatDoesTheInternetThink.net, you can check whether your instincts were correct. For example, we just found out that most mentions of Chris Brown are actually positive. Which sucks. This just goes to show that Internet consensuses (consensi?) are rarely absolute. We all used to love roasting Britney Spears, but not as much as we came to love Leave Britney Alone Guy. Check out these factoids below and then go make your own searches.


It's almost like people who hate him won't call him "President" and say Hussein instead!

The 82.4% are people on NyQuil writing as they go to bed. The 17.6% are people waking up.

This is the search we did to test the site's accuracy. Nickel really is a great metal.

"The Nazis were awful, but you gotta admit that one guy made a great Nazi."

The web is HUGE on boobs, but breasts talk about cancer a lot.

It turns out that while cats are great in theory, when you get to know an individual one... meh.


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