Oh, crap, it's the 12! Don't forget, 143 always. ::POOF::! (via MuckRock)

The NSA, as we all know, has gotten pretty good at the Internet. But the NSA isn't "supposed to" interact with everyday citizens or investigate them for domestic crimes. The FBI does. Which makes it all the more worrying that the FBI has very little idea of how the Internet works. Fortunately, they made a glossary of all the acronyms and slang words that the kids are using on the World Wide Web to hide messages from their parents and the feds.

This font quality is definitely not even AAB.

The first sign that this is written by a bunch of old fogies is that the list is entitled "Twitter Shorthand." That's right. That's worse than calling all hip-hop music "the rap." It's like people who call all video games "Mario" (this used to happen, kids). Not all of the lingo is wrong, of course, but the stuff that they make up is almost impossible to even understand.

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