Apparently, all these peasants want me to wave at them.

Apparently, this kid has never been on the Internet before. Just kidding: he and his adorable local news interview about an amusement park ride took over the Internet last week. Even though his inflection was monotone, his speech pattern was hilariously sincere and intense as he explained not only how the ride made you dizzy, but how he had never been on TV before and how he gets handed the remote after grandpa watches Powerball. 

And since this was technically on the news, it was a fair target for schmoyoho's Songify the News to give it the same treatment given to Barack Obama and Mitt Romney during the 2012 election. Congratulations, kid. You are (for this week, anyway) as important as the Commander in Chief to the Internet. Apparently.


(by Johnny McNulty)

Sources: Songify The News