This is a fucking interesting map.

Look, we can't all invent websites like Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, Vine and the porn versions of all them. Some of us need to invent FBomb, the website that tracks every use of the word "fuck" on Twitter in real time and then plots it on a google map of the world so that... So that... We can know where and when people tweeted the word "fuck"? I'm not sure about the value of that information, but I'm relatively certain that there is some value to it.

I guess it's kind of interesting to see the concentrated use of "fuck" on the east coast of America vs. the rest of the country. We really like our "fuck"s there. And, if you watch it long enough, you can watch as other parts of the world wake up and start throwing "fuck"s around. If you'll notice, Australia is completely "fuck"-free in this screen grab. That's because it was the middle of the night there when this was taken. But you just give them some time. They'll start "fuck"-ing all the live long day.

Sources: FBomb | h/t Reddit