A pair of Hollywood "life-coaches"/rich jerks have been so obnoxiously gauche about hosting parties and decorating their garage door with a large mural of themselves, that even the rich snobs who live near them find these people intolerable. Bastian and Maria Yotta constantly post about their lavish lifestyles on their Instagram "Yotta Life." It's mostly boobs and butts, however, they also have a business of some kind, one aspect of which is training yourself to lose weight while you sleep.

No one seems to know how these people have all this money, but once they put what amounts to a billboard advertising that these two live in this home, their rich neighbors decided they were the wrong kind of rich.

A garage that's begging to be vandalized.

 Neighbors not only complained about the garage door, but also the parties that clearly aim at making this house the next "Playboy Mansion." But, you know, with less prestige. One party they hosted had over 350 guests and a lion. A real lion. 

Here are a few recent Instagram posts to show you what kind of party life the two are maintaining. 


Pool Party - Who would like to join us ?

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