Don't hide yo kids, don't hide yo wife, because they makin' stars of everyone up in here.

The very informative (infographitive?) folks over at have created a massive chart of what happened to everyone's favorite YouTube stars, a few of which we've higlighted here. Fortunately, their investigations revealed a happier story than previous attempts. A few years ago, some people tracked down The Star Wars Kid and determined that his life had been ruined because we all knew he was a nerd. Well, it turns out that he's going to law school and doing OK for himself. So there you have it, being mocked on YouTube by millions guarantees success! Ok, one or two people suffered as a result of looking like complete fools, but by and large it turned out to be a good career move. Except for Keyboard Cat. You're really going to be depressed about what you learn about Keyboard Cat:


Like Van Gogh, Fatso's genius was largely unappreciated during his lifetime.

She's bringing us traffic since March (even if she can't calculate how fast).

Remember when we all taught a kid to associate success with drugs?


You sure it's only 27 million? Are you counting eBaum's world, or replays on The Soup?

According to her photos, neither her body nor head have moved in 6 years.


And finally, someone who got there on purpose by only pretending to be dumb.