We'd take this any day over the way our creepy uncle gets high and "spreads the Christmas spirit."

In honor of this completely arbitrary 24-hour celebration of a substance that is equally enjoyable any other day of the year, we've compiled this list of people whose love of drugs took them down in a blaze of white-hot, idiotic glory. If nothing else, take these cautionary tales as a reminder that the dumbest thing you've done while high today could have been much, much dumber.


So stupid. She should have traded her breadsticks.


"Dad, can you come pick me up? I accidentally arrested myself again."


"Oh man, hear me out dude, there should totally be like, a separate police for helping people get their drugs back."


It's OK. If they're smoking what he's smoking, they couldn't have gotten far.


"I guess my first mistake was every choice I made today," the woman said.


This had to have broken the Guinness record for "Most Unintentional Laughter at a Funeral."



OK, so this isn't technically a crime (except against fashion, *snap snap*), but it IS undoubtedly the dumbest thing anyone's ever done in a courtroom.