Suddenly gluten isn't a huge problem. (via KTLA)

Anytime you're on a plane, you like to think that the pilot is a quick-thinking, Sully Sullenberger hero-type prepared to handle any emergency that might come up. On Monday, one Frontier Airlines pilot proved himself to be just that kind of hero with a single phone call to Dominos Pizza.

While ordering pizza isn't exactly landing a disabled plane on the Hudson River, a Denver-bound flight that's out of food and stuck on a tarmac in Wyoming for two hours due to weather is a miserable scenario. That's the situation this pilot was facing when he made the call to Dominos for 35 pies to feed 160 passengers. That might sound easy, but anyone who's ordered pizza for more than two people knows it can be a mammoth pain in the ass. And that's without having to get them through airport security. 

Prepare for bloating. (via NBC)

There's something about pizza that makes almost any situation tolerable. Whether you're stuck in a stuffy boardroom meeting about office supplies or being held hostage during a botched bank robbery, the moment someone yells "pizza!" everything is suddenly better. At least until the pizza is gone, and you realize you're not only still miserable, but now stuffed with pizza, incredibly thirsty, and staring at a long line for the bathroom.

Still, for ten or fifteen glorious minutes, these passengers believed they were in the presence of a hero.

(by Jonathan Corbett)

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