Flight delays caused by rains create a storm of fury.

Shout out to whoever hurled that wheelchair. That's not an easy throw. (via thenanfang.com)


Heavy rains fell in southern China, causing crippling delays at Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport. If you have ever had a flight delayed due to the weather, been stuck waiting in line to reschedule a flight, or even had a flight cancelled as you sat near the gate, you know how frustrating air travel can be. You get so upset with the wasted time you want to trash the place, hoping they'll put you on a plane just so you will be as far away from them as possible. Well, that's exactly what happened.

Like waiting in line for a ride at Disneyland, except the ride is a delayed airline flight.
(via thenanfang.com)

Over 100 flights were affected by weather, upsetting the travel plans of over 1,000 people. The next day, May 16th, the airport was filled with people with nowhere to go. Airlines were not giving out guaranteed compensation for the cancelled flights, and passengers were getting hungry and restless.

Even after a food fight, there's more waiting. (via thenanfang.com)

A passenger named Wang describes how 20 to 30 men encircled the Southern China Airlines counter and began berating the staff.

At that time, everybody was asking for compensation, something that is guaranteed by airline regulations. However, no one from the airline staff would take care of that. Instead, other people started complaining about other things: someone said they were hungry and wanted to eat, while another wanted accommodation. It started to get really crazy.
Sources: thenanfang.com