An identical sculpture in Napa Valley, CA. Presumably a self-portait of everyone in Napa.

(photographer: Michael Bowles / via

1. The United States is spending $400,000 in taxpayer money on a metaphor for rich people being unable to enter heaven. That's four hundred thousand smackaroos for a sculpture of a camel looking at the eye of a needle to be placed outside our embassy in Karachi, Pakistan. Yeah, that's right. In Pakistan, where the average yearly income is $1,250. In Pakistan, where people already hate us for blowing up stuff with expensive drones that make sure the only people at risk are Pakistanis. In Pakistan, where the Taliban doesn't really need another easy talking point about why the US sucks. Seriously, State Department, what were you thinking?


Meanwhile, the guy shooting vertical video gets no punishment at all. (via ENTRoom)

2. This cop decking a girl during an Arizona riot. After the Wildcats lost to Wisconsin in the NCAA Elite Eight, a small riot broke out at the University of Arizona (and keep in mind, this is a "drunk college students" riot, not a "major civil unrest" riot), at which this cop speared this small woman. He did this for what I would call "no reason at all," but pro-authority Internet commenters insist it is because the cop needed to "guard the rear" of the other cops in the video and prevent them from getting hurt. Of course, if he was really trying to prevent that, he might have considered not flattening a skinny female kid in front of an already-rowdy mob. That's the kind of action that makes rioters feel like they're doing the right thing. This guy is a thug. You can also check out this somewhat-amusing riot video of a U of A bro taking pepper balls fired by the police to the chest and laughing (while everyone else stood around filming, not being violent), until 8 of them tackled him.

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