By now, most of us have seen the Google Naps and Hasselhoff photobombs and the other big-name April Fool's pranks, but plenty of fun, clever, and exciting pranks have flown totally under the round-up radar for one reason or another. Here's a rundown of April 1st gems you might have overlooked:

Yahoo - Went the extra mile to one-up Google and demonstrated its fake bug-sharing service (Yahoo Bugs) by releasing a whole bunch of bugs into the Yahoo offices.

National Audubon Society - Published an open letter from president David Yarnold disavowing birds, calling them "brittle-boned magnet-headed shrieking dumbasses" and "ultimately disappointing."

John Deere - Website turned into a live feed of a stunned deer trapped in an industrial warehouse.

NPR - During a broadcast of Fresh Air, guest host David Bianculli claimed to be filling in for Michele Norris, when everyone knows Fresh Air is hosted by Terry Gross.

New York City Sanitation Department - Delivered a bag of trash to every stoop.

LEGO - Somehow dodged the limelight with their "Black Legos for Black People" prank.

East India Trading Company - It's back!

Newark International Airport - Canceled all flights to/from Charlotte, Denver, and Chicago O'Hare.

Disney World - Costumed characters slipped "HELP ME" notes to visiting children.

Darien, Connecticut Town Dump - Website hours lists dump as open, but on arrival, dump is closed.

HuffPost Live - Televised execution.

US Postal Service - Declared bankruptcy, to soften the blow of next month's actual declaration.

DC Comics - In all April 1st issues in which he appears, the outline of the Green Lantern's penis is clearly visible. - Soldiered on gamely.

(by Dan Abromowitz)