"The viral videos you and your friends won't be able to stop talking about."

Unlike Google's Shelfie prank—which infected my Gmail homepage with some random dude's photo for ten minutes this morning—YouTube's April Fool's prank isn't really trying to fool or annoy anybody. It's more of a satirical sketch, playfully skewering traditional media's efforts to make things "go viral". Which makes it an acceptable observance of this extremely annoying day. In stark contrast to most of the "pranks" you'll endure today, it's clever and well-executed and actually pretty funny. And, best of all, it didn't make me want to punch my computer screen. So, all around win!

Also, I kind of feel like dad kissing is just weird and sweet enough to actually catch on as a real-life trend. Here's that trend's stand-alone video, plus ones for clocking and the Glub Glub Water Dance:

"YouTube has the best writing staff in the business." #kissingdad

"Is time our servant or our master?" #clocking

"We showed it to hundreds of focus groups to make it as viral as it could possibly be." #glubglub


(by Dennis DiClaudio)

Sources: Youtube | h/t Lifehacker